Creative Writing Workshop

This afternoon, Tuesday at 2pm, Zoe Fairbairns – locally-based novelist and former poetry editor of Spare Rib magazine is holding a Creative Writing Workshop.

Zoe Fairbairns has held writer-in- residence appointments in Australia, UK counties north and south, along with Bromley schools in the 1980s.

Her third novel Benefits (Virago, 1979),  a “novel of the future”  is set against the background of …one of the last tower blocks to be built in the sixties for London families to live in.

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 6, at 4pm, the “make a book” theme continues with a  Children’s Craft Session followed with a talk by author Joanna Czechowska at 6:30pm on the background to her novel The Black Madonna of Derby.

All events are ticketed and can be obtained, with brochure, by calling in person to Beckenham Library, by telephoning the enquiry desk ( number can’t be directly published online) – on poster here.  One click on image and number becomes readable. Or email


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