BecFest ‘make a book’ day

Artist and illustrator Lyn Stone’s amusing drawings enliven children’s books . From history, gift to pop-up books. Her Make a Book talk begins at 2pm.

Authors, artists, storytellers, poets: with their readers and listeners; bubble together at summer literary festivals the world over. The same writers, storytellers and poets may also group together in their localities all year round for mutual support and helpful comment.

Shortlands Poetry Circle began in 1911. The Beckenham Scribblers  and Writers Unlimited are two more collectives to emerge from the borough in recent years.

Beckenham Bubble one starts at 7pm with old and new writers looking forward to  ‘The Next Hundred Years’.

Tomorrow, June 30, at 6:30pm,  sports writer  Brian Scovell is giving a talk.

All events are ticketed and can be obtained, with brochure, by calling in person to Beckenham Library, by telephoning the enquiry desk ( number can’t be directly published online) – on poster here.  One click on image and number becomes readable. Or email


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